After an intimate start of just Paul lamb and singer Chad Strentz, the rest of the king snakes entered the stage to start off an electrifying evening of blues at the brewery arts centre in kendal last saturday. Paul lamb and the kingsnakes are these days globally known as a rhythm and blues force to be reckoned with. So there was a lot to live up to, but they did not let us down. Paul amazed everyone with his out of this world skills on blues harp as well as having a captivating stage presence.

The interaction with the rest of the band, one of whom is actually his son, was endearing, they clearly were a group of friends having fun on the stage. Lead vocalist Chad whom has an incredible tone and Ryan Lamb with his fantastic guitar skills, each had his own unique amazing capability. But never was one outperformed by the other rather all came together in a fantastic harmony that was created by the band.
But the public was in no way left out, we were all drawn in to sing along, dance along and clap along whilst Paul was running around through the audience edging everybody on.
The talented Paul and equally talented band, together with an amazing atmosphere made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening, leaving us all with a smile on our face as we went home.
(text by Abigail de Munnik)





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