Saturday evening, the brewery arts center Kendal, an amazing evening with laughter and incredible music by, I am kloot frontman, Johnny Bramwell. After being started off by support act Dave Fidler, whom we would gladly see again in a solo performance, Johnny came to the stage with a lot of banter, jokes and hilarious stories. He seemed to be really enjoying himself, but somehow all the jokes and the slight fringe of chaos added to the sensitiveness of his songs and his voice cut straight through to the audience.
The audience seemed to mainly consist of real fans loving Johnny and his music. And that was just how the evening felt honest, friendly, warm, deep all in all an amazing evening by an really nice funny guy who just happens to be incredibly talented fantastic artist.
(text by Abigail de Munnik)















  • J

    I’m really glad such a good night had by all. However, theme building here……. People being chucked out for ‘not properly listening to John’. I am one of the original fans of Johnny D, 5 Play Guitar, The Witchwood etc etc and love Johnny and Kloot. People should listen, I pay my money and expect to be able to hear the songs but I was there in Chester and St Helens and do we really want silence ?? I can put my headphones on for that surely. I have been to more George Borowski gigs than George Borowski and pray for more listening but sterile clapping surely not what performers want.

    I for one Johnny do not want repeat performances of Telford’s in Chester and will simply not travel and pay.

    Love you, Kloot and every song but respect the buzz of your audience and all who sail in her.


    • John Bramwell

      The girl in Chester was taken out by her mates before I was even aware that she’d fallen over. Once I’d found that out then I took the mickey a bit but it was hardly savage. The guy in Kendal was taken out after he’d had a go at security during the interval. Ironically he was wanting me took cut down on the banter during gigs so I can’t see your argument.

      • Yorick

        Just ignore the first comment John. Your performance was ace and the banter just added to it!
        I’ve been to quite a few performances at the Brewery and I must say that this one is my favourite so far!

  • IanM

    I’ve seen quite number of John’s solo gigs and the banter is always part of the show. I didn’t notice the heckler too much but he was pretty abusive during the interval. I also though John was quite subdued after the incident but livened up!! Was a great gig nonetheless.

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