In a world where bigger is better it was wonderful to see an artist as big as Jimi Goodwin – Doves frontman- on a stage as small and intimate as the Maltroom at the Brewery arts centre in Kendal. The fact that the brewery was packed, shows, this is exactly the kind of evening the people are waiting for. And of course everybody got what they paid for and then some.
I can’t leave out the performance of support act ‘Tea street Band’, which was mindblowingly good. When they finished I was almost shouting “we want more” before I realised, this was just the support act, more is yet to come.
And more did come. Now first I have to say Jimi Goodwin isn’t solo, he now is part of a new band or so Jimi ensured us. And he is right, there is a difference. Jimi was obviously used to being on stage, a well experienced artist enjoying himself, but never did it feel like he was a apart from the other band members it felt like a group of talented artists enjoying themselves on stage. A contagious feeling which soon captured the whole audience.
Jimi of course was in top form playing mostly songs from his latest album “Odludek”, but he didn’t leave out a few old time dove songs like Snowden, The last broadcast and for his encore he played Sulphur man, which of course were great crowd pleasers. However in no way did Jimi’s Doves past overshadow his present, all his new songs seem to hit a chord in the audience and when he offered to do request it wasn’t doves songs, but Odulek songs which were being requested.
All in all it was an evening of amazing musical talent and performance a night we will fondly remember and an fantastic demonstration of man who is still an incredible artist developing new and amazing music.
(text by Abigail de Munnik)











Terracotta Warrior
Didsbury Girl
Live like a river
Oh! whiskey
Keep my soul in song
The ghost of the empties
Man v Dingo
Lost souls
Panic tree
The last broadcast
Lonely at the drop


The Sulphur man
Lonely at the drop

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