Last weekend I went to the best, most relaxt music-festival in the world!
And thanks to my friends from I got a press-card so I was able to take photos for them!
I took quiet some photos so it’ll take me a while to sort them al out, but as soon as some pics are ready I’ll let you guys know.

The following pictures are done:

The Thermals
Grizzly Bear (hope you like them Dave!)
Andrew Bird
Final Fantasy
Anna Ternheim
Noah and the Whale (added 24-08-2009)
Patrick Watson (added 24-08-2009)
The Irrepressibles (added 24-08-2009)
The Maccabees (added 24-08-2009)
The Vals (added 25-08-2009)
Wildbirds and Peacedrums (added 25-08-2009)

Here’s an impression of the nice atmosphere at Haldernpop 2009. (Did I mention that Halden is the most relaxt festival in the world!) (added 24-08-2009)

My Friend Dave and my wife Abigail wrote a review of the festival. Make sure to check it at

Haldernpop 2009


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