Last Saturday we went to a huge Castle somewhere in Belgium.

Here’s some background info about it:


The Chateau de Miranda – also known as Chateau de Noisy or Home de Noisy , is abandoned since 1991.

During the French revolution, the family of the Count from Liedekerke-Beaufort has left the nearby feudal castle of Vèves to hide in a farm outside the village. After the revolution, the farm took the name of castle and finally became this gigantic house.

Between World War I and II, the castle became the “Home de Noisy”, a vacation camp for SNCB (Belgian national rail company) railwaymen’s childrens. It was finally abandoned in 1991 and is slowly falling in ruins since.


Huge gaps in the floors and collapsed walls are really common so we had to be really careful! Huge part are literally falling apart and everything is just rotting away. So we had to be really cautious or it could have ended badly!

You can click here to take a look at my photos.


  • Luke

    There is certainly beauty in the decay of this fantastical chateau.. well captured by your eye. When I come to your home, I would greatly enjoy some chance of such a visit accompanied by the excellent Duvel.

    Good health from the craggy fells and verdant leafy valleys of Lakeland. You should return soon now we are green again!

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